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Durabella Access Fire Barriers

Durabella Access Floor Fire Barriers are made from high density fire tested rock wool slab, faced with Class O foil.  The foil is imprinted with the Durabella logo and arrows, which ensure the authenticity of the product and assists with correct cutting procedure when the barrier is supplied in slab form. The barrier is supplied unfaced for voids less than 50mm.

The barrier is cut to a height of 5% greater than the void and is permanently held in place by compression without the need for adhesive or intumescent mastic. The Durabella fire barrier prevents the passage of flame and smoke through the void being fire stopped, for at least the period of fire rating specified.

Durabella Access Floor Fire Barriers are supplied either cut to size to suit void height or in a slab form for cutting to size on site.

Under Floor Heating - Wet / Dry

Durabella Westbourne Cradle and Batten systems are completely compatible with both water based and electric cable under floor heating systems. The systems have been used with most european heating system manufacturers and it is likely that standard DWG and PDF detailed sections can be provided for any which are not immediately available.

The efficiency of any of the under floor heating systems will be affected by the positioning of the heating pipes or wires and should normally be as close to the underside of the structural board as possible.

In general, the more mass in the system above the heating elements the slower the heating will take to respond to the room thermostat,  It is always prudent to have a thermostat censor in the sub-floor and the system should ideally be set to ensure the sub-floor temperature does not exceed 27˚C.

Masonry Support - Expandacork

Durabella Expandacork Masonry Supports are used to decouple the masonry from the building’s structure.

Dabella Expandcork is quick and easy to install, has high compression strength, and low dynamic stiffness.  

It is resistant to water, oil and acid and is a sustainable recyclable product.

Before installation all sub-floor work should be structurally sound, clean and level and masonry supports should be pre-cut to the desired lengths. Concrete, mortar or brick should be installed directly over the support.

Durabella Acoustic Quilt Insulation

Durabella Acoustic Quilt is a flexible glass mineral wool quilt which is lightweight, flexible, resilient and non-combustible.

The rolls are 1200mm wide and ready cut to produce 3 rolls 400mm wide or 2 rolls 600mm wide and manufactured to a minimum density of 10kg/m3.

It is specifically designed for friction fitting between members at 400mm and 600mm centres to improve the sound insulation of separating floors and internal floors.

Durabella Acoustic Quilt is lightweight and easy to install and has excellent sound absorption properties.

Durabella Multi Use Slab Insulation

Multi use slabs are rock and mineral wool slabs, available in a range of densities from 33 to 200 kg/m3.

The standard products are supplied un-faced, but slabs can also be manufactured with a factory applied foil or tissue facing, and are also available in a water repellent grade.

The slabs are used for a wide range of thermal and acoustic insulation applications in building, building services and industry.

Multi use slabs are non-combustible, have excellent thermal and acoustic properties and come in a wide range of densities.

Durabella Access Panels

Durabella Access Panels are available in sizes ranging from 300x300mm to 600x1000mm.

The standard sizes are 300x600mm, 400x600mm and 600x600mm as these sizes fit the substructure configuration for raised flooring.  

Panels are normally trimmed in plastic, hardwood or metal but can be left without edging if they are infrequently used.

All Durabella raised floors will accommodate access panels and the configuration within the floor will depend entirely on use and frequency of access.

All panels are available with standard screw fixings, multi-use fixings or heavy duty locking screws; the use of which is usually determined by the environment they are used in.

Panels are available in a variety of materials including chipboard, plywood, MDF, hardwoods and external timber decking.

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