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Timber Decking is now well established within the domestic and commercial sector and is providing developers, architects and builders with new options for landscaping and ground utilisation.  

With environmental issues now at the forefront of many planners and developers minds, decking can be seen as an environmentally friendly option to open area developments.  

At Durabella we only use wood from sustainable resources and we have over ten years of experience of building large scale commercial projects for new-build and rejuvenation projects.

Our Roof Deck Cradle System is the ideal solution for elevated areas.  The unique low pressure resilient pad reduces the shock of footsteps transmitting through the substrate.  In addition, it’s unique reduced pressure footprint prevents any damage to the waterproof membranes which may have been applied to the substrate.

The Durabella cradle system is designed for applications where the substrate is laid to fall to facilitate rainwater removal, the cradle support system will allow the installation of a level deck. Durabella Cradle and Batten systems have the ability to resist compression underload  whilst providing a continuing level of sound installation.

hardwood decking on cradles to insulated balconies

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