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Agglomerated Cork Underlay for Impact Noise and Thermal Insulation of Floating Floors.

1m x 10m x 2mm
*Other sizes available upon request

(ISO 140 & 717)
∆Lw = 20dB
(EPH  MFPA Leipzig P4.2/08 – 176)

(ISO 8301)
Thermal Conductivity: 0.038 W/m˚K
Thermal Resistance:    0.053 m²˚K/W

(ISO 7322)
Specific weight: 150-200 Kg/m³
Tensile Strength: >200 KPa
Compression: 30%
Recovery >90%
Durability: Lifetime of the Building

The following installation instructions are recommended by Durabella Acoustics Limited, but are not intended as a definitive project specification. They are presented in an attempt to be used with recommended installation procedures of the flooring manufacturers.

Room Conditions
Temperature >10˚C / Room moisture content < 75%

All subfloor work should be structurally sound, clear and level. The moisture content of the subfloor should not be more than 2.5% (CM) by weight measured on concrete subfloors.

Insulation Vapour Barrier
A p.e. insulation vapour barrier covering the entire flooring area, minimum 50mm wide vertically around the perimeter of the entire floor MUST be installed prior to the DuraCork C11. Install by overlapping (minimum 100mm) the p.e. foil, and use an adequate tape to adhere/fix it, if necessary. After completion, p.e. foil should cover the entire concrete area without gaps. Never mechanically fasten the p.e. foil barrier with screws, nails or staples as this will severely diminish the performance of the insulation barrier.

Installation instructions for DuraCork C11
Unpack the DuraCork C11 at least 24h before the installation and store it in the room where the installation will take place. Cut the C11 to desired length and install directly over the entire floor pulled 30mm up the walls with crown of the rolled materials up (DuraCork label side down), removing all trapped air. After completion, the C11 should cover the entire flooring area without gaps and with joints butted tight and preferably taped.

Final Flooring
Always follow manufacturers recommended installation instructions.
DuraCork C11
Nature’s Impact Noise Reduction Underlay
Low Level
Laminate  .  Thermal  .  Natural
High Durability and Long Term Resiliance
Increases Floor Thermal Insulation
100% Natural and Sustainable Product
Easy to handle and Install