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Durabella Acoustic Quilt is lightweight and easy to install and has excellent sound absorption properties.

Durabella Acoustic Quilt is classified as Euroclass A1 to BS EN ISO 13501-1.


Excellent sound absorption properties

Lightweight and easy to install

Dimensioned to suit studs and joists at 400mm or 600mm centres

Long roll lengths for quick and economic installation

Friction fits between studs, ensuring continuity of the absorbent layer with no air gaps
Durabella Acoustic Quilt Insulation
Acoustic Quilt Insulation

Durabella Acoustic Quilt is a flexible glass mineral wool quilt which is lightweight, flexible, resilient and non-combustible.

The rolls are 1200mm wide and ready cut to produce 3 rolls 400mm wide or 2 rolls 600mm wide and manufactured to a minimum density of 10kg/m³.


Acoustic Quilt is specifically designed for friction fitting between members at 400mm and 600mm centres to improve the sound insulation of separating floors and internal floors.