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Two Laminated Layers (Agglomerated Cork & Recycled Rubber) for Top Impact Noise and Thermal Insulation of Hardwood Floors.

915mm x 610mm x 9.5mm
*Other sizes available upon request

(ISO 140 & 717)
∆Lw = 17dB
(SRL C/07/5L/20096/R02)

(ISO 8301)
Thermal Conductivity: 0.070 W/m˚K
Thermal Resistance:    0.136 m²˚K/W

(ISO 7322)
Specific weight: 370-450 Kg/m³
Tensile Strength: >600 KPa
Compression: 15%
Recovery >90%
Durability: Lifetime of the Building

The following installation instructions are recommended by Durabella Acoustics Limited, but are not intended as a definitive project specification. They are presented in an attempt to be used with recommended installation procedures of the flooring manufacturers.

Room conditions.
Temperature >10˚C / Room moisture content < 75%

All subfloor work should be structurally sound, clear and level. The moisture content of the subfloor should not be more than 2.5% (CM) by weight measured on concrete subfloors.

Perimeter insulation barrier
Install a perimeter insulation barrier minimum 35mm wide vertically around the entire perimeter of the room. This is highly recommended in order to avoid lateral propagation of impact noise. Spot adhere the strips to the wall using acrylic glue or a bead of silicone sealant (do not forget the edges of pipes, ducts, etc). Before the installation of the skirting boards, the insulation strips must be leveled (trimmed) to the height of the wood.

Installation Instructions for DuraCork T42
Unpact the DuraCork T42 at least 24h before the installation and store it in the room where the installation will take place. A properly sized V-notched trowel and polyurethane flooring adhesive should be used to glue the DuraCork T42 to the concrete slab. Always follow the glue manufacturers recommended instructions.
Lay the DuraCork T42 sheets, with the rubber/cork side facing down into the bed of adhesive applied. Butt the sheets tightly against the perimeter insulation barrier already installed. Procede to cover the entire floor making sure the joints are butted tight, without gaps and securely taped. Roll with a roller the floor area in both directions to make sure the sheets are firmly embedded in the adhesive.

Final Flooring
Use polyurethane based adhesive. Always follow manufacturers recommended installation instructions.
DuraCork T42
Dimpled Performance Impact Noise Reduction Underlay
Low Level
Hardwood  .  Bonded  .  Thermal
Top Impact Noise and Thermal Insulation in One Product
Installed Directly Under the Final Floor
Enhances Walking Comfort
High Durability and Long Term Resilience